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    Default Changing opposition to support for a mini storage project??

    I'm trying to get support from the local neighborhood association for a mini storage project. From the start they are opposing the project. The people I have talked to don't have any reason to oppose it other than they just don't want it. I have a meeting with a city council person that wants to help me with this. Does anyone have any information that will be helpful to educate people about the benefit of storage opposed to other commercial uses? I have this meeting Monday morning so any info will help.


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    Default PR for your development

    People are going to assume the worst, and there are some ugly older facilities out there. Some of this may be obvious, but if you are planning on spending money on a nice facade, gate/fence, security, landscaping etc, make sure this is known. An artist's rendering helps, or photos of similar attractive completed projects. The company selling you the building could probably provide similar examples of nice looking sites.

    Other standard good things about self storage include that you are adding a property to the tax rolls, providing a place for storage of items that could otherwise clutter up neighborhoods, you are a low traffic/low impact business, it's typically a low crime business, etc.

    You might have some luck getting other local business owners to speak on your behalf as well.

    Steve Hajewski
    Trachte Building Systems



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