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    Lightbulb More on Solar

    The movement toward solar power among homeowners isn't slowing down, and the commercial sector is following suit -- that includes storage.

    ISS's own Amy Campbell (acampbell) blogs about the increasing solar talk within the industry. Also, ISS is dedicating an entire two-part seminar on solar and storage at the ISS World Expo, March 1-3, 2010, in Las Vegas. The discussion will be led by representatives from Baja Construction and iParkSolar.

    Solar has been in the minds of storage operators for some time, so it's not a completely new concept. But is your opinion of the feasbility of solar changing? If so, how?
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    One of our "competitors" went solar about a year ago. With all the tax breaks and government incentives etc he saved about half of the installation/purchase price and is saving over $1,000.00 a month on utility bills.

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    Bob Hayworth,CEO of Baja Construction is the leading expert of solar panels application at Self storage sites.
    Bob can be reached at Bob or (800) 366-9600.

    His website is:



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