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    Default Finding Better Sites

    Hi Folks! I'm presenting a class at the September ISS World Expo Inside Self-Storage World Expo: 2010 on finding better sites. I'd like some input from this forum.

    Here's the introduction/concept for the seminar:

    Finding Better Sites
    By Benjamin Burkhart, President, BKB Properties/

    As markets become increasingly competitive, the self storage developer must be able to efficiently find and locate quality sites for self storage. Learn how to use GIS mapping technology to refine your site selection process. Train your broker to deliver the best sites, not just any site. Discussion topics will include the site acquisition process, pre-development due-diligence, high-level market research, financial modeling and the key information collection processes the self storage developer must be able to navigate when vetting particular sites.

    Developers, Builders, Owners, Investors: What are your thoughts?

    Thanks, Ben
    Ben Burkhart
    BKB Properties, LLC

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    Default Re: Finding Better Sites

    I love case studies with pictures and shocking detail! ... the Fox news of storage so to speak. I find you use those to tell a good story of success and not so successful facilities along with doing your homework at this phase is so important these days. If you do it right you can graphically drill in your points on why they are so important.

    For example given your topic points you want to cover (which are very relevant) ...

    You could throw in a picture of a class A looking site, all the bells in whistles, surrounded by reams of population this and that with a great looking pic. Get you audience convinced its litterally going to be a GOLD MINE (lol, i hate that when I hear it).

    Then show em a completely different site and picture one that depicts a totally different feeling of the 'good god, i'd never go near that disaster area' type of place.

    Once the audience has made up their assumptions in glorious fashion ... SHOCK them by proving their assumptions completely wrong using the points you've listed ie, 'site acquisition process, pre-development due-diligence, high-level market research, financial modeling and the key information collection processes'

    Great examples are out there. Pictures tell 1,000 words thus you don't have to and can easily make your presentation time frames. Stories are fun for audience participation too.

    Sorry I'm going all over the place but there's my 2 cents (or maybe 3, or 4 , or 5 ...)

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    Default Re: Finding Better Sites

    I know this is an old thread I'm digging up, but I'm wondering, Ben, if you're still doing GIS for self-storage? I'm learning GIS right now and looking for a project for later in the semester.
    John Carlisle
    Community Manager Emeritus
    Still a Big Fan of Self-Storage!



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