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    Default I think I am burned out -

    Just wondering if anyone else is feeling or has ever felt this way? I am feeling burned out - some days it is tough to get through the day. I don't think I am letting it show in my work, maybe I am. I know I have less patience with people who lack common sense. I have not let this effect how I deal with customers, as it isn't really them that I feel distressed over. I love my tenants and would do anything I could for them. I think they know this and appreciate the steps I take to insure that their stay is a pleasant and smooth one.
    I just am not sure I can deal with the infighting and backbiting and covert ploys people take to get ahead. I don't feel like there is really anyone other than Rod that I can turn to and discuss how frustrated I feel about things that are going on around me. I appreciate all you guys. I really have come to depend on you as a sounding board. There is so much that we have and are being asked to withhold from the owners that I get sick to my stomach when I think about expressing it to them. And I don't know if I should. Does it really matter? I really just don't know anymore.
    It will most likely get me/us fired, so I am unsure of which direction to go.
    I guess I am just wanting to find a shoulder. We are not difficult people, but we do ask to be treated with equality. I can give you mounds and mounds of names of people who have dealt with us - and while we may have had trouble paying a bill from time to time - I know with the utmost confidence they will all say we are the easiest people to get along with. I don't understand why the Universe has presented this to us.
    I am tempted to call the owners and discuss my issues but I am concerned about causing trouble for people I care about. And I am tempted to just turn my back and walk away.
    I don't expect anyone to provide me with an answer. However, I am curious if anyone else has ever felt bummed and burned out. I appreciate the freedom and ability to talk about what is bothering me. Thank you.
    just looking for our 'forever place' ..

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    The short answers to your primary question are 1) yes and 2) happens to everybody. It's part of working in even the best-ever environment for one simple reason - the human factor. While most people are professional in going about their business, there are always some that bring the full weight of their neuroses, quirks, personal problems, etc to the office and dump them on the rest of the staff.

    Even when those folks are absent, every worker reaches a point of simply needing to get away for a few days to regroup - and by getting away, I mean not periodically checking e-mail or being available by Blackberry or leaving a contact number. I mean total isolation from the workplace. Everyone else needs to learn that they have to do things when you're not there and you have to shrug off the weight of the world. That's why cruises have become my favorite form of vacation - for the most part, mobile devices don't work and I am not going to pay confiscatory rates for the priviledge of checking e-mail. Take a week, even a long weekend and recharge; that is your first step.

    My biggest question to you stems from this: "There is so much that we have and are being asked to withhold from the owners that I get sick to my stomach when I think about expressing it to them." Who is asking for things to be withheld from ownership and why? If you were the owner, what would be your reaction to that? Troy, your first responsibiilty is to yourself and when Sunday night becomes the most dreaded part of the week, one of two things needs to happen: either you tell the owners the key things they need to know (not every single detail, but the big stuff) or you need to walk away and find something else.

    I've never been a business owner but I've worked for plenty and my other half has run a shop. Keeping things from them is bad strategy; they eventually find out anyway and they tend to be at least as mad at those who knew but didn't say anything as they are to those actually doing wrong. You can handle this in a professional way that does not throw good people under the bus. Or, you can brush up your resume and see what else life offers. Seems, though, that you cannot keep doing what you're doing. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexlekas View Post
    That's why cruises have become my favorite form of vacation - for the most part, mobile devices don't work and I am not going to pay confiscatory rates for the priviledge of checking e-mail. Take a week, even a long weekend and recharge; that is your first step.

    That's what we do too....we take two one-week cruises a phones, no emails, if the place burned down, we wouldn't know it. When you live on site, you just about have to take a vacation like that.

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    Hey Troy!

    Hang in there, we ALL get that way sometimes. I'm in my own little hell right now as well. As Alex stated, it's better to get the big things off your chest, tell the owners and don't take part in the deceptions as they will only come back to bite you in the posterior. If it's the AM that's trying to keep things from the owner, then to heck with him.

    What's the worst that can happen? You lose a job that's causing you stress? Yes, and that can be bad, but each time I've gone through a layoff in the Valley, it's always led to something better. To be totally cliche, it's the power of positive thinking, and refocusing your energies.

    Do your best to separate the job stresses from what makes you happy. Maybe take yourselves out for a decadent dinner and dessert at your favorite top notch place and unwind and do NOT talk about work. Instead focus on the people you love and what is important in your world.

    As much as we all love the industry, bottom line is; it is a job, and none of us are irreplaceable no matter how we try to convince ourselves otherwise. Moving, changing jobs and all is stressful we know, but you need to weigh the existing stresses against the stress of changes, and determine for yourselves what your priorities are.

    Whether physically, or mentality step back from the situation and analyze as objectively as you possibly can. How important is each piece of the puzzle? What is stressing you and making you sick to your stomach? What steps can you take? Write it all down, put it away for a day or so, then re-read it. If everything is really as bad when you re-read it, as it feels right now, then you have your answer and can make plans accordingly.

    Either way, you are so not alone. We have all been in your shoes, and may very well be again another day in the future. For all of the information exchange and ideas this forum presents for all of us to learn from; I think being able to commiserate and let each other who are trapped in our own little single areas be a part of a larger community of neighbors. So, if you ever need a cup of sugar, pop on in. We're here for you and the door is always open.

    One last thought Troy, "Perspective" just try to pull out the emotion and keep a good objective perception of what's happening, and document if need be. Hang in there, and best wishes.
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    Troy, everything that has been said here is totally, correct. Sometimes, a hug will go along way. Your tenants know the kind of job that you do for them, and surely appreciate it. DM's, AM's, RM's and, yes, even owners can be the bane of our existence. (Not mine of course) Sometimes you need to do what you do, not for those you work for, but in spite of those you work for. The only one that you need to keep happy is the one you look at in the mirror every day. If you can't do that, then ir might just be time to move on.

    These people here have almost all gone through the same sort of thing, and have survived. Reach out to your friends here for help and guidance. that is what we are here for.

    Hang in there, buddy.

    Bob (Astro)

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    Well said advice from everyone here. I am going through the same thing , perhaps for different reasons but I am at a cross roads. We took this on a number of years ago and it seems like we have been climbing up the side of a steep mountain for years without doing anything for us. We have gone the extra mile and that seems to only lead to that being expected rather than the thought that hey, maybe we have some really good people here who have gone all out and really deserve a break. We love who we work for but that does not mean that they wont take advantage or that they havent. We have spent 3 years subjected to a horrible AM and it seemed that if we complained it only made us look bad??? Go figure. This will take a toll on a person in this job fast and I have to reflect on the what to do's as well at this point. I love my job,however I will no longer answer to petty , untrained , immature, unskilled fly by night hires that seem wonderful at first and then S@*!w over the loyal team players that have been here forever. Sorry to be so blunt, but that is true. I decided to focus on me, to go around "certain people" and to even remind others of company loyality and how far some key players have taken this company while others were merely along for the ride. I like to refer to our roll in this job as "We are there Front Lines" We are the ones who protect, serve , sell, maintain and roll with all changes needed (except The " property managers" are the stars of the show. Without us, they wont last long. So chin up, focus now on what you really want, and that is probably to get this off your chest and know that you will be better for it. Good Luck.
    Lovin it.



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