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    Smile Keeping heat in when loading door is up

    We are a climate controlled storage facility. When the loading dock door is open the cold air blasts in and out goes the heat. We are toying with the idea of putting in the plastic flaps that hang down like in a meat room to keep the cold air out. My concern with this is the problem this will present to people moving in and out. We are in New England and already have snow. Any feedback would be great. Thank you

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    We use an air curtain on the main entrance door but it is not very efficient. I would prefer a plastic strip curtain that was used at my previous facility. The only problem is maintaining the plastic curtain can be expensive. Some other managers I know swear by the air curtain and say mine is not installed properly, it was left over from this building being a Lowe's hardware store. Best bet would be to visit a few warehouses that use both and compare. Good luck.
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    I don't know that you are going to get around the problem unless there is a vestibule of sorts between the loading dock entry and the building entry. That way, at least the cold is confined to a relatively small area. When a truck of off-loaded onto the dock, that door is closed so the building door can be opened. I don't know if this is logistically possible but it is a thought.

    My employer has a loading dock where equipment is put on trucks for shipment and we use the strip curtain. Can't say if it is perfect, but it's an effort at a solution.

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    I would not suggest the strips. We tried them but found they were always catching on something and knocking things off the tenants carts when they are loading in or out. My whole facility is indoor so everyone must come through the loading doors so it doesn't work for us. The air cushion isn't the best either, but better than nothing.

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    I guess I can pipe in on this one - we've built super energy efficient warehouses with no HVAC units that still maintain 70 degrees (in the chicago area).

    In the older buildings, we put up infrared heaters at the dock door locations that come on when the door is open.

    In the newer buildings, a vestibule system is used. There is a quick acting rollup up door (made of tarp like material) on a magnetic eye that will roll up in a second or two when it senses movement.

    The latter solution works like a charm, but probably doesn't make sense as a retrofit solution.



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