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    Default BreakIn Policy Guideline?

    Hi everyone! I manage four facilities (and have only been doing so since March) and we are having a problem with break-ins at one of them. It is the only one of the four that does not have secure gates, cameras, or any security of any kind. It's also not in such a great area. My boss has asked me to write up a policy guideline for the steps to take when we have break-ins. I've been searching online and haven't found anything useful. Can anyone give me some guidelines on what they do when this occurs? I'm assuming that the first thing is to file a police report and then notify the affected tenants, but what next? Thanks so much in advance!

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    Default Re: BreakIn Policy Guideline?

    This should be a good thread. We should get some great info.

    Is the facility wide open to the public? I would probably think about adding alarms, you can add them 1 unit at a time.

    As for procedures. One of the procedures we would follow is we do not contact the police unless there is property damage. The tenant needs to contact the police if they want. We also make sure we document everything and take photos. Everything means everything. We make 2 copies of the report and pictures. One for their file one for ours.


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    Default Re: BreakIn Policy Guideline?

    I don't know how extensive the policy would be...
    1. Notify police
    2. Start documentation (photos of condition/contents of unit, any other evidence observed, possible witnesses)
    3. Notify tenant
    4. Complete documentation
    5. Cooperate with police and tenant, the tenant is the theft victim, the facility is the trespass/vandalism/damage to property victim.

    More importantly, at least in my little corner of the world, there is a local lawyer who spends a ton of money on radio/tv airtime, and one of his radio commercials tries to solicit business from crime victims on commercial property where the property owner has had multiple criminal issues and has not made attempts to further secure the property. So if you have a recurring break-in problem, you and your boss might be better served by spending some time on at least basic security upgrades (lights, a couple of cameras) than a lot of time on a policy to deal with the aftermath.

    I will say (knock on wood) that the limited number of lock-cut unit break-ins I had went away after the installation of a code gate entry system.

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    Default Re: BreakIn Policy Guideline?

    Unless you have suffered damage or a loss, you should not contact the police. that is up to the damaged party. If the breakin involves cutting your latch, cutting fences, taking down walls, etc, than you have suffered damage.

    Close the tenants space until they arrive. Make appointments with the tenants to view their space. Do what ever you can or must to keep the tenant calm.

    Stay away from the police and the tenant when they contact and communicate with the police. That is between them.

    You might want to add some cameras to your facility with the break ins.

    Sorry to hear about your problem.
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    Default Re: BreakIn Policy Guideline?

    We've had a problem at one of the facilities that I work at, and from what the police told us, the tenants who were victimized have to report it. Unless the thieves also took something from the facility, or vandalized the property you really can't do anything. so if they cut your fence to get in, then you can get them for that, but unless the person whose unit was broken into files a report, you can't get them for breaking in. No word on trespassing though, I would assume, if you caught someone in the act you could at least get them for that since they aren't authorized to be on the premises. If your tenant does file a report and you have surveillance footage of the break in or suspicious activity prior to the break in, then you (assuming it's ok with the owners) can give that to the police.



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