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    Question Portable Storage??

    Hey All,

    Currently my facility is trying out portable storage rental. However, we have had it here for 4 months and not rented it once. Any ideas on how to rent this baby? Although it is a good advertising piece right near the highway....I would love to get it rented and out in the town so people can see it being used. It will be interesting to see what is underneath though because I am sure there are birds, rabbits, and possibly musk rats..Has anyone else had any luck with portable storage? Do you think it is a good way to go?


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    Default Re: Portable Storage??

    I assume you mean something similar to a Pod? If so, sorry, that's not anything we've ever dealt with. We've had them on the property with people unloading them, but as a service for your storage I don't see how that would work.

    Most of the time people associate that type of thing with pods, and there are dedicated companies that do it. While it's similar in genre ( storage ) it almost feels like you're selling icecream. Sure, people like ice cream, but would they come to "you" to get it?

    I'd consider giving free uses of it, similar to a moving truck. ( Again, this is based off my assumption that it's like a pod ). We only allow our trucks to be used during office hours, never over night. If you do something similar, maybe let a new tenant have an use your portable storage? You'll drop it off, they'll take their time loading it, say give them 3-4 days max, then you can go pick it up and they can unload it at your facility in the same length of time.

    It'll get it out and about, and it will allow people to see it being used.

    Just my thoughts.
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