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    Default Email scam

    Here's one I get a couple of times a year:

    good day to you. MY name is John Smith . I would like to know if you have storage facility size 5' x 10' . Let me know the prices and method of payment.
    In addition. We deal electronics , Auto Parts and Medical eauipment . and i will be picking up the items from your Storage with our DHL and Fedex Account and send over the label to you to paste on the items when its with you.

    Kindly advise with the acceptable credit cards for the payment and if you accept to paste the label for the pick up.

    Thanks and Best Regards
    John Smith

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    Default Re: Email scam

    "Delete"; move to "Spam", LOL>

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    Default Re: Email scam

    Can you say DRUG DEALER??? I actually know a facility manager that this happened to. He spoke with someone at FedEx about it and they informed him that he would be acting as a "hub" and it was illegal.......Thanks for sharing. Scammers are everywhere!! Beware!
    Stephanie Tharpe
    Senior VP of Operations
    A+ Storage of Tennessee, LLC
    Nashville, TN



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