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    Question Are You Doing Anything for Earth Day?

    Earth Day is this Sunday, which isn't the best timing, but it's still a good opportunity for self-storage facilities to tout their "greenness" and perhaps even work it into a marketing theme or a special.

    Who's got something planned at the facility for Earth Day, even if its something small like renewing your commitment to recycling, or advertising yourself as an e-waste drop-off spot?
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    Default Re: Are You Doing Anything for Earth Day?

    We are already an e-waste drop off spot. However, we are closed on Sundays, so we will be celebrating earth day by keeping the lights and A/C off all day!

    Oh, wait, I already keep the lights off all day. We have enough windows that the office lights are not necessary!

    Still....that's what I'll be doing!

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    Default Re: Are You Doing Anything for Earth Day?

    I completely agree with the above points and apart from this we should take care of other small-small things around us. I think there should be no separate day for Earth Day. Every day should be celebrated as earth day and people should contribute in protecting our mother earth. People should completely switch over to paper bags, cardboard boxes and avoid plastics. They should put more focus on recycling as today most of the Packaging Industries are giving. Like this, we can also save our planet.



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