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Thread: The Manager of the Year Award for Tennessee goes to...

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    Default The Manager of the Year Award for Tennessee goes to...

    Our very own MusicCityGal, otherwise known as Stephanie Tharpe.

    Stephanie received her award earlier today in Chattanooga.
    Here's a very short bio timeline. Stephanie can fill in more as she wishes, but this is public knowledge.

    September of 2008, Stephanie became a member of SST.
    March of 2010 she was awarded a Star.
    September 2010 she changed jobs and moved to A+ Storage of Tennessee.

    Realizing very quickly what a gem they had, Stephanie was moved up in the ranks to oversee other locations and still maintains her own store. I couldn't be prouder of her and her accomplishments in such a short span of time. Congratulations Stephanie, an award well-deserved!

    Shown in this photo with Anne Ballard.

    Steph and Anne Ballard 2013.jpg
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    Default Re: The Manager of the Year Award for Tennessee goes to...

    Awwww thanks Gina!! The only thing I will add is I got promoted in January 2013, to full time DM. I had to give up my store, but my office is still there. I have a wonderful new manager there. My goal for 2013 is to grow all 12 of our site managers into Super Managers. I am blessed with a wonderful staff and it has been such a journey to go from a newbie to where I am now. AND to watch newbies grow into their roles. I truly love this industry and SST has been my biggest support group over the years. I encourage all of our managers to get on here and read and participate.

    So, instead of Thanking the Academy , I want to thank all of you on SST. What a group we have and I am honored to be a part of it and I am honored to represent the Great State of Tennessee. See you all in Vegas!
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    Default Re: The Manager of the Year Award for Tennessee goes to...

    What a well-deserved honor, Steph! Congratulations!
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    Default Re: The Manager of the Year Award for Tennessee goes to...

    Very much so, Those of us who have been around the industry for a while completely understand your love of the industry. Best Wishes



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