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Thread: Have You Had Any On-Site Injuries?

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    Question Have You Had Any On-Site Injuries?

    Hey SSTers,

    As I mentioned earlier, I am compiling some special content for our next Self-Storage Talk page in the ISS print magazine. Terrific responses so far to some of the other questions already posted. Below is another safety issue to ponder. If you could please take a few moments to share your insight, I would really appreciate it.

    Question: Has anyone, whether an employee, customer or trespasser, ever injured themselves at your facility? What happened and how did you remedy the situation?

    Thanks for your help!
    Tony Jones
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    Default Re: Have You Had Any On-Site Injuries?

    As Sgt Shultz would say "I see nuthing!"
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    Default Re: Have You Had Any On-Site Injuries?

    I had a customer walk under the arm gate as the arm was coming down so it would bop him/her on the head once. He/She was pissed because I wasn't waiving late fees or prorating rent (its in the contract that we do not do these things), and he/she filed a suite against us later.

    I covered my bases by filling out an incident report, and because he/she was "dizzy, and nauseous" and worried about "brain damage" and rubbing his/her forehead red to make a mark, I called EMS to check on him/her because of the fuss and she declined care.

    (I also stood under the gate arm on video and demonstrated the gate arm hitting me for the claim. There is a sensor so if it comes in contact with anything, the arm will stop and raise itself)

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    Default Re: Have You Had Any On-Site Injuries?

    Tony, I wrote about this a while back in another thread, and here it is again: I was walking the property, and at the end of one of the driveways I saw a man flat on his back with items strewn around him. I ran over to him. He was barely conscious and smelled of alcohol and his head and face were very bloody. I could not get him to talk to me. I called 911. The fire department was here first, and they secured his head, which had been bleeding profusely and got him onto the stretcher. Then the cops arrived... nothing to see here. And then came the ambulance (BTW, I can see the back of the ambulance house from my office window.) and loaded him up and drove him to our tiny local hospital. He was then flown out of the area for treatment. Meanwhile, his brother in Texas called me to tell me what had happened (I already knew he was stinkin' drunk and had fallen down the stairs). When the dude finally got his head sewn back on and came back to see me, his brother had already paid his storage fee, and I told him he had to be out of the unit and off the property by day's end. He complied. But that was all really scarey to me in the beginning when it happened.

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    Default Re: Have You Had Any On-Site Injuries?

    I was actually recently injured on the property. After the time change, I went out to reset our light timers. The cover for the timer box is the type with a sheet of thin metal that just slides up into a groove and has 2 screws at the bottom hold it in place. As I was removing the 2nd screw, the cover sliced the screw in half and slammed down on my foot right at the base of my toes (think guillotine!). I almost passed out from the pain! It's hard to see in the photo, but I was bruised over the entire top of my foot and swollen to almost double its size.

    I filled out an incident report and sent it to the corporate office (I am the district manager, so I didn't bother sending it to myself first!) The next day I went to urgent care and have been under their care for 6 weeks. I even got to wear one of those fashionable black velcro boots for a few weeks!!! Unbelievablly, I am still in pain! Tomorrow is hopefully my final visit and I will be released, but who knows how long until the pain completely subsides.

    The only thing that could have prevented this injury would be if I was wearing steel-toed boots!
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    Default Re: Have You Had Any On-Site Injuries?

    Fortunately I have only had a couple of incidents of this nature at this property. Most of the incidents with customers have been small lacerations from doors or latches. Soap and water with a band-aid soothed their wounded pride and no further problems.
    One trip incident where an elderly lady fell and brusied her chest. My employer paid her medical bills for intial visit and followup to make sure nothing was broken. I removed the trip hazard. Another customer broke his ankle moving a large pallet of his things down a ramp that I had warned him not to do by himself. He drove himself to the emergency room. After picking up his things and another pallet of heavy samples, I picked him up from the hospital and took him home. He rented for several years until he was transferred out of state. I know I exposed myself to a great deal of liability but like I told my employer, the man was in pain and asked for my help. That's what I have insurance for. The company bookeeper fell on the ice a couple of years ago after being told to stay home until I had cleared the lot of ice, she suffered a small fracture in her left wrist that healed in time. I have injured myself numerous times clearing ice and snow from the lot trying to prevent customer injuries. On one occasion I called my employer to let him know I was flat on my back and had struck my head on the pavement. His reply that "didn't I have a daughter living in the area that could take me to emergency room" was enough to convince me to leave the ice and snow problem to mother nature and just close the facility until mother nature corrected the problem. Never offered to come to my aid or call the rescue squad. Luckily I only suffered a small fracture, and I learned an important lesson about where I stood with my employer.
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    Default Re: Have You Had Any On-Site Injuries?

    I was cleaning out a unit that had some metal studs in it, and as I stepped on the end of one, it raised up and sliced open my shin, and when I stepped off it, it sliced open the back of my other leg, lol. I took off my shirt and wrapped it around the worse of the 2 cuts, called the local minor emergency to see if they could do stitches, finished my work and ran over to get sewn up. They wanted to do staples, but I wanted stitches so i could remove them myself, so they did finally. Got 14 stitches in my shin, wrapped it up and went back to work.
    Told the owner about 6 months later, paid for it all out of my pocket, it was my dumb mistake for not paying better attention, no need for him to pay for my stupidity and lack of attention.

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    Default Re: Have You Had Any On-Site Injuries?

    We tag all of our units to keep tenants from throwing trash in them. At one of our facilties a tenant attempted to take of one the these sealing tags and apparently ripped their thumb open. Needless to say, there was a settlement over $9999.
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