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Thread: Self Storage Hotel Room

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    Cool Self Storage Hotel Room

    During a security check the manager found the lights on in a stairwell. There was a car parked out front but no one in the hallway. She called out asking if someone was there. Yep. A tenant managed to secure his unit door from the inside. The manager told him that he should leave the door open as he could find himself in the dark if the lights are turned off. The manager told him that he should not be sleeping, or anything else, in the storage unit. He said that its his unit and he would use it for anything he wants.

    I fired off an email to him yesterday, to inform him that the unit is for storage of personal property only, not a hotel.

    This morning I got out the step ladder and looked over the wall into the unit. The tenant put carpet on the floor and set up a queen sized bed, with a mirror leaning on the wall. The only other things are the bedding and a case of water.

    He paid three got three free, so we will be keeping an eye on him and his girl friend until the end of July. I also intend to send him a large rate increase, to encourage him to move somewhere else.

    I suppose we should expect him to come in asking for a refund so he can move. I figure that the 29 times that he has used the storage unit, would have cost him a lot more than $150 for a hotel room.
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    Default Re: Self Storage Hotel Room

    A-Team, consider terminating the lease, give him a full refund and get him out of there. It's cheaper than any one of a multitude of other things that could happen. Anyone who will buck the rules blatantly and in your face needs to go. He CANNOT use it for anything he wants. He has broken the contractual agreement you have with him. Presuming of course that you have the basics outlined in your contract.
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    Default Re: Self Storage Hotel Room

    I would give him 2 hours to get to the facility and clear out his unit. He would be gone and never allowed to come back AND no refund as he broke the agreement he had with you. I caught someone using 1 of our climate control units to sleep in after the 1st night he had rented and gave him 1 hour to get his stuff out and then I called his girlfriend and she also had 1 hour to get her stuff out. They will never rent here again as I do not trust them. They were not entitled to a refund as our contracts say you are not ALLOWED to live in the unit.

    There is a facility about 4 miles from us that has allowed tenants to sleep in their units until they got busted. The health department found out as regular tenants were complaining about the nasty bathroom smell outside of the units. Needless to say, they were shut down for a while to clean it up and now have a night watchman to watch the facility. Rumor has it they had to pay some high fines.

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    Default Re: Self Storage Hotel Room

    Living in one of our units is a violation of the rental agreement, a violation of municipal ordinance, and a violation of our insurance policy.

    If your agreement prohibits this, terminate his agreement for this reason and be done with him. If not, then tell him that it violates municipal code and/or your insurance policy (it probably does), and give him 72 hours.

    If your agreement doesn't prohibit this, then it's time for a review with the owner, property manager and attorney.

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    Default Re: Self Storage Hotel Room

    Another thought, does your lease let you change access hours. Ours says hours of access are at the owners discretion and subject to change with no notice. If you have a clause like this, give him business hours only. Verify he's not in the unit when you leave and lock up shop.
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    Default Re: Self Storage Hotel Room

    This is most likely a zoning violation beyond your control. Throw him/her out immediately if they refuse to leave, call the police and have them forcibly removed.

    It's time smart managers teach 7th grade lawyers what the real laws, rules and regs are in this country.
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    Default Re: Self Storage Hotel Room

    My first priority would be to get him out. Aside from the code violations, there is also the factor that it's people like him that freak out your other tenants and burn the place down when they hotwire into your power.

    Obviously he's got problems, and the rent money probably means a whole lot more to him than to you. My opinion is the rent is the least of your problems with him, so if you refund it to avoid a hassle so be it.

    Also, regardless of whether or not he broke contract by living there, he will be out there bad mouthing you to others (and who knows, maybe to the media or review web sites). You want to be sure he doesn't have any semblance of a legitimate gripe.

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    Default Re: Self Storage Hotel Room


    You could also have some fun and send him an official letter announcing the installation of additional security cameras that will have the ability to look into the units!!! Just kidding - Your gone Pal as soon as you can get him out. Good luck in dealing with this difficult situation.

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