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    Originally posted by pacnwstorage View Post
    The owner has told me that if they can find the right plot of land they want to build a new facility. Would not be close to me because the zoning is all wrong for anything close. the right zoning is always close to another facility. I would love to be involved with a new facility that has units and outside parking for RV's, trucks, trailers, boats....etc. Would want a separate building that would handle ancillary support items like ice, beer, quick food, propane, electrical hook ups, septic dump...etc. I even have a name all picked out but don't want to share here for fear of losing it.

    Keep me in mind for a Site Plan, brother, I love to work for those who know what they want.


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      Originally posted by Stevedore View Post

      Keep me in mind for a Site Plan, brother, I love to work for those who know what they want.
      Gotta find the land first but thanks.
      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        This is one of the best threads I have read in these forums - I would recommend a possible "sticky".

        The only thing that I would add as a Site Planner: prepare for adequate drive widths. I recommend 25 feet for the longest drives and 30 feet for the shortest cross drives. This provides adequate turn radius for "Yahoos in UHauls" and for fire engines. Go wider for RV storage - 35 feet for 60-degree parking and 60-70 feet for 90-degree. I whole-heartedly agree with bollards at the corners of all buildings & show them on all of my Site Plans.

        Steve Smith
        Site Planner
        Building Outlet Corporation


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