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Looking into adding Solar Panels

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    There is nothing powered by the Solar system at this time as we haven't installed any solar panels yet.

    That is a new camera system and they are PoE cameras so they get their power from the Ethernet switch. Where they are mounted is where my tiny office at that remote site is located. So the cat 6 cable just goes to the other side of the wall.

    Both cameras do have different mounts


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      Project number 2 is just about complete

      Since I know I will be asked this question, the white/gray areas on the roof is flex seal. One lesson I learnt while doing this is to have leaf blower/magnet with you while screwing on the roof. I didn't clean up the shavings from the larger screws/solar rail mounts, which in turn caused the shavings to rust. I have cleaned them all off now, and applied flexseal to the roof in areas where it started to rust to not cause issues later. On my next project which is the same type of roof I am going to plan on taking a magnet with me to collect metal shavings.


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        Got my first bill since turning on my generation at my first location. Previous months bill was $385. This month was 21.81 which is the minimum bill amount. I have banked over 600 kwh from that months period as well.


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