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Spray foam insulation question

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  • Spray foam insulation question

    We are about to expand our facility with more drive-up non-climate controlled units. We have an option for spray foam insulation instead of fiberglass "bag" insulation. Does anybody have experience with spray foam?

    Is foam insulation cleanable? Do spider webs stick to them and look nasty and old?

    Does spray foam leave a lingering chemical odor?

    Any wisdom is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    In addition to our storage facilities - we own a spray foam insulation company.

    We spray foam the ceilings of all of our new buildings.
    I'm not sure about the spider webs, as we don't clean the ceilings...
    No chemical smell after it is installed.

    What are you using insulation for in a non-climate controlled unit?


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      We use spray foam in all of our units and love it. Never had to clean it, no odors at all.


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