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Looking for an Erector for a Trachte Building (Tennessee Project)

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  • Looking for an Erector for a Trachte Building (Tennessee Project)

    Hey folks... Does anyone have a recommendation in regards to an erector for a project that includes Trachte buildings?

    The project is in East Tennessee.


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    I'm in the planning stage also, and Trachte can quote with assembly or without. Their labor rate seems very reasonable. You might want to contact your regional sales person.



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      Interesting.... Trachte hasn't offered (or even indicated that they are willing to consider) erection. Their regional sales guy is well aware that the first two erectors that he recommended can't do the job. One committed, then decided that he would rather hang gutters or something.


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        In many states we do offer labor directly as part of the building contract, however Tennessee is a state where we are not licensed to do so. In these areas our staff shares contact info for experienced erectors that serve your area. However, we are currently in the midst of what is essentially the largest self-storage construction boom that our country has ever seen, so erectors are in short supply. This can at times mean that the cost per square foot or timelines may not be exactly what you want.

        Keep in mind that labor for jobs with insulation will be more costly, as installing it correctly to meet modern codes can be somewhat labor intensive.

        While we believe that erectors that have experience with our buildings are most likely to provide a trouble free experience, you may be able to locate a local erector who is qualified to read the detailed plans that we provide with the building. However I would beware of anyone who is NOT busy in the business climate. To me, that is a red flag.

        Feel free to contact me or Tom privately to discuss further.

        Steve Hajewski
        Marketing Manager
        Trachte Building Systems
        608 327-3208


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          However, we are currently in the midst of what is essentially the largest self-storage construction boom that our country has ever seen

          I am a Trachte customer and just ordered my engineering prints for state approval, so I am ready to order a few buildings, can you explain your above comment a little more in detail either on here or send me an email?


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