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    I have heard that some of the vandal resistant fixtures and panels can have graffiti cleaned up with soap and water, but do not hold me to it. Also, metal walls in your elevator will last longer than laminate ones, especially in a self storage facility.

    One thing you could do with access control is allow everyone access, but require a keypad with individual PIN codes. This way if something unsavory is done, you can go in the database and see who accessed the elevator and what floor. Also, cameras in the elevator have a certain way if keeping everyone honest :-)


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      BTW, ThyssenKrupp Elevator's machine room less (MRL) offerings are the Endura MRL (hydraulic) and Synergy (Traction MRL)


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        If you are considering renovations, often times the building department is going to dictate the future of your conveyance options. Certainly A.D.A. Compliance is going to be a factor. During your normal due diligence for the purchase, the PCA should call out specifications and code violations for conveyance. Note that the penthouse is a likely place for roof leaks, and the pit should have vapor barriers and water proofing, largely dependent upon your water table and elevation. I support earlier comments to tie the elevator access to your access control systems
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          I agree with Ron, tell him to check out your favorite colored door people down the street. If you have your rules for rental posted and he doesn't meet those then he can't rent a unit from you, simple. Interesting thought for you; as the owner/operator do you have more latitude than the average facility...
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          I would error on the side of being generous with rent refunds in such a situation. It's not worth the hassle and mad people talk. A lot. It seems to me the goal is for them to be gone and teh unit to be rented to someone else. Recouping some rent for time they weren't there is not the core issue.
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