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    I work in a multistory building and I was wondering what other people do in the way of letting customers get in contact with you when you are out in the building. We post our cell phone numbers on the door when we leave but once leaving the office any chance of service is shot. I was speaking with my Director about installing a buzzer or door bell type contraption of some sort that beeps throughout the building when we are out. Something that we can lock up when we are in the office and unlock when we are out. What do you guys think?

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    I have a doorbell outside my office door that sounds like a loud school bell. I can hear it in the back of my property with no problem.

    I also refuse to post my personal cell number. Some of my tenants are the type to use it when they are locked out at the gate and want to get in. Plus I've had issues in the past with creepy "stalker" types that I definitely don't want having my phone number.
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      That's one thing I have also been a little weary of, though we are in a pretty decent area. Luckily I haven't had any issues with people saving our numbers. We only put the number up when we leave the office and also don't include who it belongs too so I think that helps a bit too. Good to know I'm also on the right track with the bell idea. I really hate to miss people but also really hate to keep running back in forth to the office every 5 minutes when I am trying to get stuff done out in the building.


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        I'm also in, what I would consider, a decent area, but that doesn't guarantee I won't have a weird tenant or two. When I first started here, I thought about getting a cheap cell phone, with its own number, to use for "emergencies." However, seeing how some tenants can be, (and stories previous manager told me), I decided against it. It would be ringing all the time with people saying their gate code isn't working or that they forgot it, or they want to make a payment (after hours? Nope).That's not an emergency. No one has ever complained about not having an emergency number since I've been here.
        Too many freaks, not enough circuses.


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          Thank goodness we have a call center for that! That is scary and bothersome.


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            I would never ever ever post my cell number. When I am off and someone calls the business phone, at the end of the message it says if the call is an emergency the call will be sent to my cell and can leave a message there. The cell number is never exposed. I have had 2, in 3 years, go to the "emergency" cell phone forwarding and neither time did they leave a message. I just hang a little adjustable clock card in the window and if they want to wait for me I will be back asap. Most of the time I don't take as long as I set the time for. Without it being an emergency, IMO, a person can wait 10 minutes if needed. For the first time in the last 50 or so attempts, I set an appointment to meet a new tenant at a certain time. He was here right on time. Former military. It is trained in to you in boot camp. The rest are ALWAYS late with excuses.
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              @diarygirl Do you know what model you guys use for that bell for you property?


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                An INSOMNIAC kiosk or call center service could be helpful in some situations. For example, the person who's gate code is disabled due to being locked out for non-payment.

                If you are saying that cell service does not work well in your business, there are cellular repeaters that you can install (not cheap but they work - I have one near my office here at Trachte).



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                  We have a call center that calls get rolled over to if we're not in the office-- they can take payment, answer basic questions, make reservations, etc. I'll never put my personal cell number for anyone to call. And a doorbell wouldn't do good here because the back of the property is easily 1/4 mile from the front door so that'd have to be a REALLY loud bell lol


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                    We're low tech. We put the plastic sign in the window with the approximate time we'll be back. We're never out long (unless you get a long winded tenant) and we usually have two people working so it's never been an issue. (except that ONE time when the owner called, but that's a another story)
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                      Originally posted by Krismarie View Post
                      We're low tech. We put the plastic sign in the window with the approximate time we'll be back. We're never out long (unless you get a long winded tenant) and we usually have two people working so it's never been an issue. (except that ONE time when the owner called, but that's a another story)
                      Sometimes low tech gets the point across the best. Call here, call there, leave a message here, leave a message there, do this, do that......I will be back by this time on this low tech little door clock. Not as low tech as smoke signals but it gets the job done. LOL!
                      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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