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What is your experience with portable storage units?

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  • What is your experience with portable storage units?

    I know there are several brands, but....

    Have customers expressed concern vs. standard steel buildings?
    Any issues with condensation, ventilation?
    Do they have a lifespan? We have lots of wind, snow, dust.
    Any issues with local gov't regarding permits? I read that they can be considered equipment because they are movable. Is that accurate?

    Lots of questions. Thank you for your help!

    I guess I better go to Vegas and hear what the salesmen have to say, too!

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    At one time I thought about using them. Lots of info to consider at the ISS mag and here at the web site, from different manufacturers. They offer insulated or not insulated. They can be many sizes. They can come assembled or not. Looks to be way easier to ship to you not assembled but they brag that can be assembled in less than an hour. Once you get them, make sure you put them exactly where you want them. You don't just move them anywhere at the drop of a hat. You can disassemble and move but would require a lot of work. IMO, I think they would be a good fit for the right facility but would have to be a great situation and would want a very secure facility as well.
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