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Boat/RV - Crushed Stone or Paved?

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  • Boat/RV - Crushed Stone or Paved?

    What's everyone feelings / input on crushed stone vs. paved for boat/RV?

    If you had 3 to 5 acres for dedicated boat/RV parking, and lets assume none of this 5 acres is fully just open parking and canopied, what would you do, and why?

    Currently budgeting, and obviously there's a cost difference.

    Options are:

    1. Crushed stone for the whole thing.
    2. Paved or Concrete parking pad, crushed stone for the aisles.
    3. Concrete pad for the parking, and paved aisles.

    Thoughts and opinions?!?!

    **In the Midwest, so snow is a consideration.
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    We usually get a $10/month premium for paved spots over gravel. It's also less area to fight weeds.

    I would calculate the increased cost of pads over gravel, and calculate how long it would take to start cash flowing over the investment. Everyone has a different preferred payback period.

    Paving will also set you apart from your competitors, which will again allow you to charge more.


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      At the recent Florida SSA conference, vendor had an interesting display of a great product: water permeable, 100% recycled, works with gravel, etc. I think it is a winner.
      TRUEGRID manufactures the world's strongest plastic permeable pavers for grass paving, commercial paving, and stormwater management applications.
      "But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal." -Matthew 6:20


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        Originally posted by RogerAgness View Post
        At the recent Florida SSA conference, vendor had an interesting display of a great product: water permeable, 100% recycled, works with gravel, etc. I think it is a winner.
        That is quite interesting. Thanks for sharing Roger. It does look like a winner.


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          Thanks for the info Roger.

          I actually have looked at a similar product to this, and have it on my list to price. Ironically, a good friend of mine could not find suitable storage for his boat, so parked it in the grass behind his garage. After a few rains he quickly realized that wasn't going to work, and purchased a similar product to install in his grass to keep things clean and level.

          Thanks for the info as well Nick.


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