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Bollards Placement at an RV Facility

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  • Bollards Placement at an RV Facility

    We are considering the bollards layout at the RV Storage facility we are designing. Being that these vehicles are large and sometimes cumbersome I want to be well protected but at the same time don't want to overkill and spend too much money. Of course I want to put them at the corners of the buildings.
    But what about these places, does someone have experience with where they are the most needed, where you wish you had them but did not?

    At the door jams of enclosed spaces?

    In front of columns at the entrance to the canopies??

    At the interior rear of canopies & enclosed spaces to protect the wall?

    Any comments or suggestions?

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    You should visit one and walk around and see where all of the scratches, bumps and dents are. That will give you a good idea to start.
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      Because lots of RV's sit up higher you would likely want taller bollards when you do install them. A lot of times the lower bumpers are lower than say a ladder attached to the RV or propane tank mounts or other racks on the front and back.
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        Can you post a simple layout of the facility you are considering?


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          As a Site Planner, I show bollards at the corners of all buildings, surrounding the kiosks or gate access controls and at the door jambs of garages. Nothing extra with outdoor RV parking or canopies.



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