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Coversion Costs for 13K sq ft

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  • Coversion Costs for 13K sq ft

    H All,

    Recently picked up a small warehouse that may be a candidate for conversion. While there is >20K sq ft of space and sits on ~2 acres, it is a bit broken up inside so that the main space is ~13K sq ft if I ignore the several side rooms and various dead space. On the plus side, it is in an good density urban location and current zoning allows SS. I've done a preliminary layout of the inside space (which will probably change) and get ~225 units. Also took a stab at the outside (already paved and drained) and got another ~100 units (will price that phase separately). Not on the scale of most new builds but not nothing either.

    Looking to get a ballpark conversion costs for the build out of the insides. I know that there will be other costs (e.g. engineering check regarding the load baring, feasibility study, architect for actual plans, etc). I have seen estimates ranging from $3 to $15 per sq ft which seem quite wide. Yes, a feasibility study will include specific cost projections but just trying to do some back of the envelope work before spending real $$ on this option for the property.

    I've put calls into a couple of suppliers but have not heard back yet.

    Anyone done a internal single floor conversion project recently and can provide a data point (the more data points the better).


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    I would suggest to use a budget number of $6 psf for steel, $2.5 for labor install per rentable sq ft (which is typically about 20% of the raw building space). I just finished a case study video on a grocery store conversion that you may find interesting:

    The number above might be a little off depending on the details, but it's close enough to tell you if this is worth doing or not.

    Steve Hajewski
    Trachte Building Systems
    608 327-3208


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