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    If that is true, then I am the BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary).

    Damn, after sixteen years of Catholic school, you'd think that I'd at least get partial further credit! Dare to dream! That said, I would have had to stifle a laugh (as I am sure you all did) if a customer suggested -- authoritatively I am sure -- that every other facility within a 492 cubit radius had 9+ foot doors on a 10x30. Even the older facillities around that have 12x24 (for example) have standard-ish size doors.

    My d/u doors are 7"10" wide (with some variation). My "favorite" prospective tenants are the ones that suggest it is feasible to park a 7'5" wide, 25 foot long trailer into a 10x30, when the aisle is 24' wide. Within a 20 mile radius, there are no covered RV/trailer parking facilities, so I get a bunch of really desperate people looking for a secure facility since subdivision covenants/restrictions are VERY strict about parking those vehicles w/in boundaries.

    Somewhere in flyover country

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      There are gobs of RV's in the area and the parking restrictions are severe here. I get the same dreamers. Cannot fit the 25' trailer in a 20' unit. They actually say they don't care if the door shuts or not.
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