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Starting my first conversion.

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    Yep, the wide enough aisles is a must. Again, that is only if you have a drive in facility. If it is a drive up to facility then a whole different set of "what is best" comes to mind.
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      Now that the weather is getting bad and building is slow is the time to work on your engineering, feasibility, site planning and approvals so that you are ready to proceed in the spring/summer. Although conversions are not as seasonal. But I would guess you would get a better deal on steel in the off-season.


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        There are 101 important things to decide. Depending on the demand and size of your building you may not want a drive in or loading doc, The front door or a couple of doors may be enough.

        You want to have a variety of sizes. 5 x 5 x 4 lockers and 5 x 15 units are often overlooked.

        You want one of each size right by the office to use as show units.

        An office and kiosk are both important.

        Determine now if addtional self storage can be done in the parking lot. You are not going to need nearly as many parking spots as retail does.

        Every penny you send on experts who have done self storage conversions before will be worth it.

        How far are you from Sarasota FL. lets grab a coffee if not to far.


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