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    If your facility is near a college or university, the summer months offer a great opportunity to earn a few new rentals. Many students are looking for storage between mid-May and mid-August. How do you attract these students? What size unit is the best for this demographic? What specials do you offer?
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    We live in a town with a couple of Universities and the first couple of years I went and dropped off brochures and specials to administration. We would have 90-100 units rented during the summer which seems great until they all move out in August / September.

    There are 2 other storage facilities in the immediate area and we all fill up. For the past 5-6 years we have had long term rentals and not many vacant units so we do not hold reservations for more than 3 days. I have about 20 units available now and about 14 reservations. If they want the unit they have to come in and look @ it and I will move them in for $1 for the rest of April plus the admin fee, lock & insurance and rent will begin 05-01-2017. I offer no other specials. Many kids & parents will call around and make reservations at 3 or 4 different places, choose one @ the last minute and forget to cancel the others so we were left holding units for kids that never showed up. I go through and drop them daily if I haven't heard from them.

    We have 3x3x4's and 3x4x4's and 5x5x10 and 5x6x10's that the kids use. I have found that the guys look at the locker units and say "Yup, I can get all my stuff in here" and they Tetris it in. The girls would like more room and choose the 5x5's. In fact, if they stack their totes, fridge, microwave & tv in a corner and go up you can get 3-4 students in a 5x5. We have never had a problem however, I always caution students because sharing with others can be tricky. What if someone doesn't pay their share? What if their computer is missing?

    The biggest problem with the kids is that they store food even when we tell them not to and they sign that they won't and they forget to take the lock off when they are done. I know they moved back into the dorms but they won't answer my phone calls or text so I can find out what is going on.
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      We just posted an ad campaign in the local county papers (4 of them) which service our area. We are running a few student ads, but are not discounting the units. We do have some specials currently designed to drive people to our unit sizes that we have an abundance of, but those are not directly aimed at the students. We also partner our online ads with these to get the online demographic. That is mostly where our business comes from. We will see what comes of it. We have had good turnout in the past. We live near a private (Very, Very, VERY expensive) college and we usually get some great tenants for the summer. One our our facilities is near the college, the other 3 are about 10 -20 mins farther.


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        I get the same college kids each year till they graduate and they pass the word. No specials, don't need them. They want the 5x5 or 5x10 units unless they have a couple sharing a unit then they sometimes step up to a 10x10.
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          At my last facility (how odd to be saying that) we ran a college special. Pay two months upfront, get 3rd free. They also paid the admin and lock fees (unless they were repeaters, then we'd waive the admin fee) . It worked out great for us and took up almost every free 5x10 (of which we had MANY many) that we had for 3 months. It was a win-win. The only downside, and we lucked out last year, was they sometimes bring in roaches, but just have your bug guy come out and it's easily solved.
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            The bad thing about college kids rental units is the mass exodus for all those smaller units when they come back to school. Almost every year we get one or two that want to keep the unit throughout the school year for storage of camping gear, kayaks.....etc. They don't like having to step over these items during the school year.
            "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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