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Removing Grease from unit floor

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  • Removing Grease from unit floor

    Hello I'm looking for recommendations on cleaning a unit floor that a car was stored in. This is a concrete floor that had concrete sealer put on when it was poured. It's a combination of grease/oil and we have tried everything to clean it. Has anyone ever used a epoxy floor paint and have any luck? I need to get this cleaned or covered so that the unit will not stink of grease/oil.

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    Hi! I would recommend kitty litter if you haven't tried that. I have never tried the floor paint before. What about baking soda? I use that on grease stains on my clothes. Different than concrete, but worth a shot!


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      Use carb cleaner and/or brake cleaner in a spray can. Get several. Brake cleaner will likely work best and it smells like a dry cleaners store. Works really great for grease/oil in a carpet. The brake clean will evaporate quickly so be ready with a scrub brush and maybe even a metal bristle brush. Carb cleaner will last longer. Ask at an auto parts store. They deal with oil/grease cleaners all the time. From now on, if you know a vehicle is stored, they have to leave a refundable deposit and also have to put something under the vehicle to absorb any problems. If they say no, then they can walk.
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        We use dawn detergent and cat litter. It works really well.
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          I use Gumout Carb Cleaner because it is generally the cheapest/biggest can at the hardware/auto parts store. I also get heavy duty scouring pads, I have both and hand held holder and one I can put a broom stick on. Then use shop towels to clean it up. As Pac said the stuff can evaporate quick so sometimes you need to spray area again when it comes time to wipe it up.

          If there is a pile of crud I usually scrap it with a shovel first. To get rid of build up first. Alternatively you can take powered laundry detergent and and apply directly to oil spots and use a scouring pad and a little water.


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            Dawn Dish soap and Wire scrub brush.


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              Thanks for the help!! I will give them a try!!


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                I buy the economy lacquer thinner in 5 gallon containers. That will last me for many many years and will work as good, maybe better than carb cleaner and brake clean and be cheaper in the long run. I transfer it into a gallon metal container so it is manageable and use it when ever there is an oil/grease spot. Pour it on and use a rag to wipe it up. I think it cost me $40.00 for 5 gallons.


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