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    Do you ever open early? I think because I was in the service, I have not used an alarm clock since I got out of the service. I go to bed at a reasonable hour on work nights and I always wake up about 2-3 hours before I would get to my "wake no later than this time". I need white noise. I sleep with a fan on and when I do wake early I go to the sofa and go back to sleep with the tv on. I then always wake up with the time needed to get ready to open. I then tend to be 30-45 minutes early in to the office. I would say I open 80% of the time about 15-30 minutes before the set office times. I like fresh air so the doors get propped open and windows opened and I just turn on the OPEN sign. Maybe in a less nicer neighborhood I wouldn't do it but it is such a nice area I just love to see all the trees and I people watch from my windows that surround my office. There is a park close by so there is lots of foot traffic to and from that park and lots of bikes on the road. For instance, it is sunny and 61 degrees right now outside.
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    Wow, you sound like me... I never use an alarm clock, I just wake up at the same time everyday and I also need white noise. I use a fan now, but used to use an air filter. I get up early enough to hop on the treadmill for 45 mins.. and I also open the doors early sometimes (not while on the treadmill but after I'm ready). I don't have a lot of traffic but I face the Sandia Mountains. I figure, if I'm up and at'em, why not open the doors?


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      I always figure that if I am up everyone else has to be up. Don't know if you were in the service but that is what set it for me. If I drink the night before, I still wake up at the same time and then roll over. I don't drink anymore though. I have a window I wake up in and it is just the way it is. "Alarm clock?, I don't need no stinkin' alarm clock!"
      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        That's exactly how I am. Store "opens" at 9. The whole family leave at 7:30 so I head out then and I am usually here just after 8. Gives me time to do a walkthrough, get the coffee going, merchandise check, check emails etc.

        I'm probably crazy for doing so but it works for me.
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          Another reason I like to be open early is that if a tenant is dodging me and is dropping off a check, I get to see them and hopefully talk about what they are dodging me about.
          "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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            I may open up fifteen minutes early if I get here early, but that usually doesn't matter. Our office is located in rural area so we do not get many visitors or walk-ins. However, if someone says, "Can you meet me at 8 am to do a rental, because I have to be to work at 9." I almost always say no. I have done this a handful of times in the past year and not ONCE has the person showed. I will not open early, and will not stay late to do a rental. Usually, those people don't tend to be the cream of the crop anyways. I just explain, that I am not a live-in manager and have kids, so I cannot make it any earlier than 9. Most people understand, but there are some who are just rude and curse you out. Glad I didn't go out of my way to rent to them anyways!


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              That is also why when I call a waiting list future tenant, I give them a time frame and if they don't meet it, they are gone.
              "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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