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  • RESUMES - Someone should write a book

    We are retiring and looking for replacements. It's posted on Job Fairs on this site. I've hired a lot of managers over the years the the resumes do not get any better. I wish I had saved some to put into a book "Resumes for Dummies" "How not to write a Resume" or perhaps "Resume? Are you kidding me!" or something along those lines. Most are canned resumes that are supposed to fit all jobs. Some are down right ridiculous when a medical doctor wants to work as a relief manager at a storage facility. What seems new this time around are the responses that say "The job is perfect for us" or we are thinking about applying, then they ask lots of questions such as compensation but NO Resume. Got a half dozen or so this time around. It is obvious many people don't bother reading the job requirements.
    I would be interested in experiences of others in regards to resumes and perhaps interviews. There has got to be some laughs out there.

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    OMG-right!!! I was advertising for a storage manager and I probably received 1/4 from people who were phlebotomists or health care aides etc. And the quality of resumes-geez. I feel your pain. Here's a funny for you, we had a gal in San Diego apply for manager there, and listed, under skills-Flexible. 0,0. Ooooohhhkay.
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      I think the best one I ever received was from a young lady who walked hers into our office unsolicited. Her name was at the top, she dropped it off and skedaddled away. When we looked it over it was from a local J.C. class teaching kids how to fill out a resume and that's what we got. She had printed out the sheet of all the questions she was supposed to fill in. LOL! We didn't even have a phone number to call her back.
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        I've seen a lot of crazy stuff ...

        1. Applying to the wrong storage company
        2. Talking about your communications skills but using incorrect grammar and spelling all over the place
        3. Poorly handwriting everything
        4. Submitting an 8 page essay but never getting to the point

        My favourite is when they've left off all their contact information!?!

        We've definitely realized where you post really can really determine the quality of applicants ... so post wisely and paying to post can sometimes be worth it.

        Interviews is certainly where it gets really interesting ...


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