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Deceased Tenant With No Contact Info

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  • Deceased Tenant With No Contact Info

    We received a phone call that one of our tenants had past away. Since then we have no good phone numbers, or addresses to that person or the deceased tenant. We have contacted the funeral home, as well as past employer to see if they could help us get in contact with a family member. However, that has not gotten us anywhere. We are in need of some insight into the necessary documents and steps to take with the courts. The unit is located in Florida.

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    I would want to know who let you know the tenant was deceased? Relative, friend, verifiable to be true? If you are not provided a copy of the death cert and power of attorney or court order and rent is paid in full, then the unit stays locked and follow the lien laws as laid out in your statutes.

    By the way, welcome to the forum.
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      Welcome to the forum.

      You are already going to court?
      Can we get some more info please?

      Did you initiate court proceedings?
      Did your tenant?

      What is going on???
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        As mentioned in other forums, Facebook or linkedIn might be helpful especially if the person's name is somewhat unique. YOu might be able to locate a friend or family member via those social networks. If he was in a rental property perhaps his landlord might share info?

        The Florida SSA or attorney familiar with FL self storage is probably your best resource if you can't figure out who is in charge of his estate and don't know where to turn.


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          A family member had called to let us know the person had past. We have looked up the tenants obituary to confirm it. The unit is months past due.

          Thank you for the insight of trying to locate a friend or someone on Facebook.

          We have not gone to court. No one has initiate court proceedings The probate court told us that to look at the website and figure out the forms that needed to be filled out. However, that is easy said then done. We would rather not have to incur the expense of having to get the court involved if we do not have to.


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            Just because a family member calls to say that your tenant has passed doesn't change anything for you in your storage business.

            Did this family member give you any indication that anyone wants anything in the unit?

            For me, I would just run the account like normal.

            Process for auction/lien/sale.
            Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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              Start the lien process on this unit. Like lady5563 said, a phone call doesn't change how you should proceed with this unit. If it isn't overlocked yet, do it now. Get that lien notice sent and be done with this unit.
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                One other said you talked to the probate court and they told you about forms that need to be filled out. You aren't responsible for any of that, the family is. You don't need to do anything with the court. Just follow your lien procedures.
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