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    Marketing Techniques/Ideas?

    We opened a new storage facility mid-July of 2017. We would like to hear about marketing techniques you're using or have used that assisted in generating visibility.

    Maybe you are:
    • Located in a rural area
    • Experience a high percentage of the move-out > move-in ratio
    • Just slow in conversions
    What are some techniques that you use? What promotions do you think customers respond to the most? Ex: $1 for 1st month, 20% off 4-6 months, 50% off 3 months, etc.

    Direct marketing? Penny saver ads? Physical yellow pages? Local newspaper? Social media platforms?

    We want to hear all your ideas and experiences! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond, your help is invaluable!

    You can respond here or email me directly:

    Thank you,

    (408) 872-9536


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    Having an active social media is a great way to start, good way to get your facility out there. I find having banners and flags on the property also draws attention to the facility. At one of my facilities, I offered the first month free to new customers and that seemed to work well. Also, offering merchandise for sale along with community involvement projects (Toys for Tots, Food Drives, etc.) help as well. Best of luck to you!
    Sean Landry, Owner
    Expert Storage Management LLC
    Self Storage Management and Consulting


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      Congrats on opening a new facility! We have found our best efforts to be placed into SEO, PPC, and Customer Reviews on Google Business Pages. Online marketing is obviously the most effective way to market your business and get more renters, however don't completely disregard more traditional means of advertising as well. We believe in having a balanced marketing approach but still put the large majority of your focus into online marketing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your best bet for long term growth. The majority of people will not follow storage facilities on social media, they don't care about storage facilities until they need to rent a unit at one. Then when they need one they will hop on Google and search for one in their area. SEO is what helps you build a higher ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Then people can find you easier and hopefully very often. If you aren't familiar with SEO higher a company to do it for you that you trust and that knows the industry well. There are several on the ISS buyers guide to choose from, including ourselves, but you need to find the service that best fits you and your business needs. Also if you want to learn SEO, it can prove to be difficult but you can go to or other online sites that can teach you the basics of SEO.

      I'd also really focus on getting your Google My Business Page created and verified. You'd be surprised by how many people don't do this. It is free and makes a huge impact for your business online. People can leave reviews there, get directions to the facility, call the facility, and even get to your website to rent online. It won't magically make your facility #1 on Google but it definitely helps your presence and is an easy step to take. If you have any other questions I'd be happy to give you any info I can.


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        Hey Melissa!

        Congrats on the new facility. RIZEmktg shared some really good advice. We 100% recommend getting listed on Google My Business as well asking your customers to leave you reviews.

        More and more these days, consumers are finding business through Google, and often rely on Google Reviews to decide on whether or not they should do business with you.

        As far as promos go, we typically recommend you only do discounts on the first month. Once the tenant is in the door, they will stay awhile solely out of convenience. The best promos weve seen are 50% off first month or $1 Move-in.

        Heres a short list of some other marketing ideas that have been proven to work:

        - Big, big banners on your property!
        - Direct Mailers. Believe it or not, direct mail to people within 5-10 minutes driving distance really helps
        - Social media profiles. Make sure you have your Yelp and Facebook pages updated with accurate information
        - Offer online rentals and payments through your website!

        Im happy to share some of our other experiences here on this forum. Feel free to message me back!

        Zac Pug


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          This was all good information for me. I am new to the industry and trying to soak up as much as I can. Thanks everyone.


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