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  • Auction Process

    I am going to be starting the auction process at my facility for the first time! I have the NCSSA auction worksheet with the steps on what to do, but I have a few questions.

    1. It says that I have to mail a notice to the tenant via 1st class mail. What notice do I mail them? I'm using SiteLink, and there is a form that says "Lien Notice" and it asks for you to put in the auction date and time; is that the form we send?

    2. For the inventory of the unit, is there a special form to use?

    3. What does "person with security interest" mean? It says to mail a letter to the tenant and to the "person with security interest".

    4. Do you have to hire an auctioneer to run the auction, or can you run it yourself?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Hi Winnie_16,

    Thanks so much for using SiteLink. Just sent you a Private Message (PM) with suggestions.

    Please contact our 7-day support anytime also.


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      1. That would be the lien notice that must show all itemized charges and fees and whatever else your state's statutes say must be there.

      2. The inventory can be done on a document you create and keep copies of all documentation in the files.

      3. Security interest would be like a lien holder on a title. If you allow two names on the lease then you have to notify both.

      4. Here is Oregon I can do my own auctions. I can also hire an auctioneer. Your statutes will say if you have to have an auctioneer.
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        Winnie, I use SiteLink as well. Yes, that Lien Notice you see is what you send. It has an area on where you can fill in the items that are in the unit, as well as the payment due date and sale/auction date. Make sure you follow your state's lien laws as far as when to send the notice, how much time they have to pay, if you have to place a newspaper ad, and when you can hold the auction. Your lien laws may also state whether or not you are required to use an auctioneer. I'm not required to so I hold my own, and I refer to them as "Public Sales" instead of auctions.
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          Depending on weather you use web edition or stand alone, it will vary slightly. For web edition you can put the contents right into the customers info. For instance say you have a customer in unit 5. go to payments screen pull up that unit. Once it is open look for the box that shows their main information(name,address, etc.) There is a tab labeled contents. open that tab, click the edit icon and list contents. If the customer has more than one unit make sure you have selected the correct unit to list contents otherwise it will be greyed out and you won't be able to open it. With stand alone you input it all manually.


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