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Possible Fraud and Surveillance Camera Video

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  • Possible Fraud and Surveillance Camera Video

    Friends - I can't say much because this may result in litigation, but I wanted to share what I can at this time.

    Yesterday a customer claimed that an injury occurred while she was on the property that required hospitalization. She spoke briefly with my manager as she left the premises, and I spoke with her later by telephone. We immediately took photographs of the area, and I secured surveillance video of their actions while on the property. The scenario they described is not consistent with the photographs and surveillance video.

    We have a couple dozen 1080p HD cameras throughout our property, inside and outside, infra-red capable, all recording to two secured DVRs. The footage is high-definition, date- and time-stamped, uninterrupted, and provides exceptional evidence that makes their claim all but impossible. I can't go into additional detail at this time, but based upon what I've seen and heard, we're going to be fine.

    These systems are expensive, require a lot of attention, and can be temperamental, but they provide an additional layer of protection when things go wrong.

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    Nice. Too bad that people can be so nasty and do things like this. Good luck if it goes to trial. I'd have your lawyer speak to her lawyer first, I'll bet it goes away
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      Because systems will eventually record over past events, unless is constantly downloaded to storage, I would record all cameras related to the event during the entire time period, unless you have already done that. I would also playback the recorded version to make sure all is good. Plus, good luck on all this. We have a spot on our lease basically saying that we are not responsible for personal injury to any tenant or persons with them, while on the facility. It is also initialed by the tenant that they understand this. I know you can't sign/initial away your rights but we start out by telling people to BE CAREFUL here and I MAKE them keep the speed down on the facility. Does sound like a slip and fall, like at a grocery store.
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        I agree, it is wonderful to have the cameras and DVR's...I sure wish we didn't have to have them but when things go wrong it is so helpful.

        Many years ago when we still used VCR tapes a customer claimed that she fell on our wet office floor and went to a lawyer. We had 1 VCR tape for each day of the week and thankfully we got a letter within the week from her lawyer.

        From our apartment my husband could see what happened in person. We reviewed the tape and saw that she never fell in the office but outside in the parking lot. She paid her bill and ran outside in the rain, headed towards the passenger side of the car ( 30 feet away ) then slipped and fell on her butt. She got up, got inside the car and left. When we sent a copy of the tape to her lawyer we never heard from them again.
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          pacnwstorage - One of my first calls was to our camera vendor. They sent a tech and we retrieved all pertinent video from the DVRs, including in a format that shows that it hasn't been edited or altered (useful as evidence if it goes to trial). We've uploaded to Dropbox & Vimeo.


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            Yep, always C-Y-A. Plus, I know that immediately you have been documenting every little thing about this episode. Please let us know as this goes along, what happens.
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              Friday I had a person say our gate closed on his truck. You can see on the camera they put the code in and chatted for about 13 seconds, then took off. The gate closes at 16 seconds. So yes now the gate is going to close because you took your time to get through. Then instead of backing up or going forward it hit him again because he stayed there in the way of the gate.

              Love camera's to back us up.
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                The gate should have a sensor in the ground that stops the gate when the vehicle gets close enough. Ours can sense metal, from under the asphalt, and the gate will stop and back up. Besides the camera showing you what happened there should be a sign on the gate that says the time limitations.
                "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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                  Originally posted by pacnwstorage View Post
                  The gate should have a sensor in the ground that stops the gate when the vehicle gets close enough. Ours can sense metal, from under the asphalt, and the gate will stop and back up. Besides the camera showing you what happened there should be a sign on the gate that says the time limitations.
                  We had this issue with a tractor trailer driver. Tenant opened gate for him from inside. He was not on loop detector and screwed around before entering. The gate started to close as he crossed loop detector. He continued on and before gate started to open again he nailed the gate and made it a pretzel. All of this of course while on Vacation in Florida.
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