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    You're lucky you can be so strict. We've had 5 expansions to this property since we've been here, more then quadrupled the number of units since we started, and now are adding 250 more units today that are just complete, and another 250 units in April. It would be much easier to tell people to hit the road if they don't do it my way if we were just maintaining the status quo. But we have a LOT of big name companies here at the beach, and they don't change their corporate accounting policies for a storage facility.


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      I wouldn't ask big name companies to change the way they do business and I don't expect or let them tell/dictate to me how I will do business. They come to me. I go to them and buy from them at their policies and I expect the same.
      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        Originally posted by Lisa T View Post

        I've been in this business 15 years, and have rented over 10,000 units. Up until 2 years ago, I met every singe person that I rented a unit too, and I've rented to PLENTY of nut jobs. Unfortunately, most of them don't tell you or act like they are nut jobs at the time they find it out later. That being said, I haven't had a single nut job rent online....I don't think they have their wits about them enough to make it through the online rental process.

        I think most storage managers are afraid of online rentals for the same reason they are afraid of kiosks, they are afraid it will make their job obsolete. But I have found the opposite. There are still plenty of people who want to come check out the facility, meet the owners, and select a unit size in person....but we don't want to miss any rentals, even the people who can't get off of work and come to the facility during office hours.

        And BEST OF ALL, my commercial customer rentals have skyrocketed. Someone in accounting in a corporate office somewhere else in the country, or the planet, can rent a unit online for their local sales rep or local installers or local retail store, pay for it online, and have their signed rental agreement, instead of having to scan/email, snail mail, or fax paperwork back and forth for days. The commercial customers are the best, they pay on time, or prepay a year, and they don't move out. We've been doing this for almost 2 years now, and I have had zero problems whatsoever.

        I have had several doctor's office, a hospice, and law offices that the office manager rented online for records storage and the doctor gave her his credit card and signed on her computer screen, so he didn't have to take the time to come over and sign a lease to rent a unit. And for people moving to the area, they can rent their storage unit in New Jersey and arrive on Sunday and go straight to their storage unit to unload. No more waiting for them to arrive and hoping they don't get sidetracked into another facility before they get to yours to sign a lease.

        Might as well face it, it's the way the future is auctions, online can resist, and maybe make it through your working career, but as the years go by, more and more adults will choose online versus in person, just like they do with everything else in life.
        We post our available prices on our website and customers can call for more information.

        You are right Lisa, more things are going on line but I am not thinking that my job will become obsolete and I am not afraid of losing my job. What I do worry about is the nutty nut jobs. Don't mean to hijack the prices thread but talking about renting on line...

        Each week I get 2-3 faxes and 1 or 2 phone calls asking for storage for a company ( different ones ) that don't exist and they want to ship merchandise here on a Sunday or after hours and then come pick it up in the dead of night. I know that they aren't real because no one can make that many grammatical errors and mis-spellings and when I check the internet there is no record of that business. If it was a real company they would have spell check. From personal experience I have also learned to ask questions on what they are storing and weed out those that could be using the unit for their drug business. I might do it if I could verify the company is real.

        I found an article from September 2011 on the ISS blog which is the reason I want to look at & talk with someone before I rent to them. I wish I could trust everyone but there are too many scary people out there. I do not know who I am renting to unless I see them and verify ID, and of course, that doesn't always work, sometimes we get undesirables.
        It's been 10 years since the 9/11 terrorist attack, but the need to be vigilant is still very real. Read what self-storage operators think about today's
        The future depends on what you do in the present.


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          All I know is the experience we have had here. We have rented over 150 units here online with zero problems...and no auctions, and very few even paying the first late fee. None of them have left anything behind, or caused any problems whatsoever.

          I've had plenty of customers come in and look and act perfectly normal, rented a unit, and showed their true crazy self later.

          I have decided at my advanced age to not be afraid to try something go ahead and try it first, and it is becomes a problem, stop. Instead of expecting the worst and never doing it. I was not happy about doing online auctions and resisted....but we had to do them anyway and I was very pleasantly surprised at how well that has turned out and would never go back to live I learned my lesson that you can try new things, and if problems develop, stop doing them...instead of never doing something that could turn out to be very beneficial.

          The kiosk industry seems to be booming and has been for a very long time, obviously there are a lot of storage facilities who are managing without inspecting every new tenant in online rentals are the next step in that process....easier, more flexible, and no need for the expense of a kiosk.


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            Have a good web site,have a call center, have a kiosk, make payments on line, make reservations on line, have good management and good maintenance on site as needed. Do not drive yourself crazy with the place, remember you are dealing with the public.


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