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    We have done this recently at 2 of our 5 properties. What I have found is that we get about 0.1%-0.2% brought in and used.
    That's a horribly low number. That being said. We know our stats and we only needed to keep folks for 4 months at 1 site and 5 at the other to break even with those LOW numbers. WE have done that. WE will make a roughly 100% return based on averages. I'm fine with that. Moreover, I look at it as marketing as well. If you continue to do it every quarter and continue to get that return you will inevitably end up with people that have seen your flyer and came in without using it.

    I hate aggregators like spare foot, but price per lease/acquisition cost is actually lower with them. The draw back of coarse is that it competes with your website. It depends on what your strategy is.

    Good Luck!
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      It has been my experience that people rent when they NEED to store something .... not when it is offered to them .... even at a discounted rate.
      We never had success with direct mail.


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        Both good points from AdvantageIT and tarheelguy.

        Direct mail, for the most part, has extremely low ROI. However, if that ROI is good enough to break even or make a profit...then do it, that's the point!

        I'd also agree with tarheelguy. But...if people only "shop" for self storage when they need it...what are you doing to be visible to ensure they think of you when they need it / find you when they need it (and not your competitor).

        There's "advertising", and there's "marketing". The difficult part is determining the ROI on both and doing what works / stop doing what doesn't work.


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          I looked into it briefly- along with many other print options. Basically we have decided not to use anything in print, unless it is a sports poster for a school, maybe. The return value just isn't there.


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