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  • Help with Promotional Material Check this out

    This is a first draft of what I was planning to use as my marketing material for my mobile storage business. This will be on a 4x6 or so glossy card. I have had good success with distributing them and it has a great look to it. People seem to look at them more than a traditional business card

    Let me know what you think. Any suggestions and or critiques are welcome.


    Jeff120329 - A.N.T.S.jpg

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    Re: Help with Promotional Material Check this out

    Personally, this doesn't scream storage too me. Also, I've need been a fan of red being the primary color in an ad creative. Try changing the red to black and use the burst in a grayish tint. Make the phrase "storage" or "mobile storage" more prominent. I'd also include a special on the creative to generate a need for action.

    I'd also use a unique call tracking number to physically see how many people call based on this creative.
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      Re: Help with Promotional Material Check this out

      I disagree with Life-Storage. I like the red. I think he may be saying that you need contrast between the red in the photo and the red of the background. I wouldn't do all black. It's very heavy and doesn't appeal to women. Pick on of the primary colors in your logo for contrast.

      And, make your logo smaller. The tag line - a new kind of storage needs to be bigger because that's the key message of your postcard.

      Lastly, expect to send this out at least once a month for a year. If you send it once and expect business, you'll be sorely disappointed. Good luck.
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        Re: Help with Promotional Material Check this out

        They definitely are eye catching ...

        Red and white are our colours as well so we use them in all our ads and branding. Along with a consistant message, colour and font use we work to keep everything the same.

        Strangely, i missed the website on the first pass. Tracking numbers, recorded lines and calls to action are all great ideas.

        BTW, do you traditional storage as well or just mobile?


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          Re: Help with Promotional Material Check this out

          We do offer traditional storage as well. I plan on distributing these everywhere I possibly can.


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            Re: Help with Promotional Material Check this out

            Relevance should always be a priority in designs. Good designs are not quality designs if they do not have the thing you call message.
            They have the best quality postcards and low price business cards here -> how they printed video


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