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Injuries on the Property

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  • Injuries on the Property

    Has your self-storage facility ever been responsible for an injury to a tenant, guest or employee?
    I don't know
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    My vote is "I don't know" only because I don't know if anything happened before I worked here. I've not had any incidents in the 3 years I've been here.
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      No incidents here either in my 3+ years here.
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        We had an employee claim a repetitive strain injury while working maintenance and be off work on worker's compensation for more than a year. She claimed the injury just as I started in my position, so I have no idea how accurate it is. She's back to work now, but can't do the job she was doing before, she's prohibited from it, so she has fewer hours and is office staff instead of maintenance.

        I had a man slip and fall just outside his vehicle, thankfully the cameras showed him "accidentally" spilling a slippery substance onto the asphalt, and he didn't claim it was our fault.

        Also had an elderly woman come in our side door, which isn't immediately visible from my desk. She wasn't using her walker, which she's supposed to use at all times, and hooked her foot on the doorstop and fell. She had no reason to be coming through that door, and no reason to get that close to the door. Her daughter was supremely upset that mom had gotten away from her...but it's about a ten minute walk at her speed to my office from her locker, I don't know HOW her daughter didn't notice. Daughter chewed mom out for not being careful. Neither blamed us.

        Our lease has a clause that states we're not responsible for any injury sustained, so be careful at all time. It's an initialed clause, too.


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          I think most leases are fool proof and pretty tight where as tenants and their guest enter at their own risk. The lessor then is not responsible for almost anything.

          Once again as Thaliana proves through her post, employees are the biggest liability for any employer. I would wager it's a 20-1 employee to tenant/guest liability risk.
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            When we were first built the decorator/designer had this huge granite counter top and to the side, for the printer was a smaller cabinet connected, with a raised frosted glass shelf. Well, the shelf wasn't connected, just resting on the rods that raised it, the manager at the time leaned on it, flipped the printer and glass, the glass shattered and sliced up his arm. Lots of workers comp for that, including stitches and rehab. We did not replace the glass, because while cool, that was an accident just waiting to happen. Printer now rests on the shelf.
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              Our lease has an initialed line where basically they agree we do not cover "clumsiness". When I know it will bring a chuckle, I actually use that word.
              "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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                No matter how air tight your lease is... Any sort of legislation regarding care of property will supersede that. we had a slip and fall ten years ago and settled out of court for peanuts.... but still, someone slips and falls on ice at your site, you can bet your ass its going to come down to you our your insurance company paying. Iv always lived by the three rules for lawsuits (anytime, anywhere and for any reason)


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