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  • The Hiring Process

    For your current position, what was the hiring process like? Did you have a phone interview followed by one or two in-person meetings? Was there a background check and what did it include? Tell us your story.

    For those who hire others, what's your process?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    I was at another facility. Got a call about open units. I said did not have any open/empty units but could show them manager units to get an idea of size needed. The young couple, my owner's son and girlfriend, show and I take them around the facility and show them a couple of sizes. Two days later the son's uncle shows and says he would like to talk about coming to work at this facility. I met the 2 brothers, both owners, and the son and one of the owner's wives at a business building near this facility. They liked that I said what I could do for them, even though I was full, instead of what I couldn't do for them. The older couple here were retiring and the family offered me the position. We came to an agreement on salary and I gave notice at the other facility. The 1st of this month is now 4 years here. The new owners said they did a background check with the info I gave the uncle. Many have heard me say, "I love it here!"
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      I was working at one property and the property manager offered me a job working a new place he co-owned. No interview, no background check, I had already proven myself. Now on hiring others... that's a long topic question to answer. I've hired in almost every manner imaginable. In my former life I hired through temp agencies for some long term assignments. I've hired people from a classified ad, someone I saw that I liked their style in customer service at another business and I hired a tenant that became the best employee of all time. Well, best employee of all, if you don't count a family member who was also top notch and adored by the other best employee. When you have staff you can trust however you hire/interview, you've got it made.
      Gina 6k
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        That was so long ago that the contract was chiseled in stone and has since crumbled. The storage units had big rocks for doors that we had to push out of the way to gain access. Our security personnel walked around bent over with large clubs on their shoulders. I think a 10X10 units rented for either three chickens or one goat per month. They could get discounts if they paid in pelts.


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          Originally posted by A-team View Post
          That was so long ago that the contract was chiseled in stone and has since crumbled. The storage units had big rocks for doors that we had to push out of the way to gain access. Our security personnel walked around bent over with large clubs on their shoulders. I think a 10X10 units rented for either three chickens or one goat per month. They could get discounts if they paid in pelts.
          Was all off site payments made via smoke signal?
          "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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            Well, I was hired on this facility through Self Storage Talk! In a round a bout way. I am pretty sure they did a background check, though I actually filled out all of the paperwork on my first day here. Good thing I wasn't an axe murderer.
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              It is better to schedule the interview in two process
              1) Telephonic interview
              2)Direct Interview


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                My husband and I found our current job on Self Storage Talk as well....we've been here 7 1/2 years. We were in another state and applied for the job advertised here. We had 4 or 5 VERY lengthy phone interviews, and reference checks. We were hired within a week sight unseen. We met our boss at the facility, as we were emerging from a U-Haul truck after driving 10 hours from Florida to South Carolina.....he handed us the keys, gave us the alarm code, a very quick tour of the office....and we were off to the to speak.

                After we got here and started working we took a drug test and filled out the paperwork for a criminal background check.


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                  I had my resume uploaded on the internet.
                  Got a call one day from a head hunter.
                  She stated that she had seen my resume on line and would I like to take an interview with a new storage owner in need of a manager.
                  I quickly said YES as I was working part time at Kohl's waiting to find the right storage property for me!
                  I took the interview and had the job by the end of the day!
                  Celebrated my 4th year here in April 2017.

                  No background check for me.
                  No credit check either.
                  However, we do run the credit and background check NOW!!

                  When we hire for new staff.
                  We do set up an in person interview.
                  Mostly the manager on duty will do the in person interviews.
                  Our owners will then do a phone interview as they are not located near us.
                  We then discuss and compare notes with each other and make the final decision as to who we will hire.
                  After offering the position, they are then asked to sign off on us obtaining that credit and background check
                  If they clear that..they are then offered the position.

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                    We found our current position on Working Couples. We emailed our resumes and the owner called and talked to me about the office, but talked in length to my husband about maintenance.

                    Later that day we received an email with pictures of the apartment and a offer letter which had everything spelled out what they offered and what they expected. We accepted the position and they did a back ground check. It all happened quick and we've been here about 14 months. It was the only job we have taken that we didn't at least do a Skype interview or an in person interview. I would never do that again. I have to see it in person.


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                      i do the hiring for all our self storage managers, and maintenance. I short list the candidates based on work experience, skills, and education. I usually only ever consider people who have worked in retail or the service industry, and I only ever hired one person from the storage industry.

                      I tackle the interview process a little differently than most. If I call someone in, they are already qualified on paper to do the job, so I don't usually go over work experience with the candidate, unless I have specific questions. What I am looking for is a combination of cleanliness, composure, likability.

                      I already know that interview candidates will tell me what I want to hear so what they say isn't as important as how they say it. I go over what the job entails, and I answer any questions they may have. I may even ask them how they would handle a made up scenario, just to see if they can think on their feet.

                      I will definitely check their references, require a criminal background check, and I get them to sign an employment contract.


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                        When I was hired, I honestly just got lucky. I knew the previous managers. I had been a stay at home mom for nearly 17 years and was in the middle of a divorce. I had been active in organizing and volunteering with community organizations, though. I'm extremely grateful that they took a chance on me. I don't forget it and give them my best. There was a complete background check. I was hired as the assistant and became the manager in about 8 months time.

                        I hired my assistant. An advertisement was placed on Craigslist. I reviewed resumes, conducted phone interviews, a brief getting to know you interview in person and then selected my top 3 candidates. At that point, we had final interviews with my boss and the candidates. I am appreciative of this format. I got to select someone whose skill set and personality match with my own. More than anything, I think that pairing of personalities is what makes our working relationship and overall facility a success.


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