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Husband and Wife Managers, Scheduling and Salaries

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  • Husband and Wife Managers, Scheduling and Salaries

    I'm curious how this works ? Do the couples get paid one salary , as if they are one person ? How do you schedule the working days ?
    Any information would be helpful. TIA

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    In my experience each person is paid. The scheduling days depend on the duties I suppose. As part of a team when I was one, my then SO primarily did maintenance. How my employers have worked it is one person is part time and the other is full time.

    It all depends on site needs and how big it is.


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      My husband and I each get an hourly salary. He does the outside / maintenance and works a 40 hour week. Our property is 503 units.
      I work in the office, work almost 40 hours and have a part time person that works on my 2 days off.
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        Couples should NEVER get paid one salary. My hubby and I were resident managers for 4 years in a situation like that. There is no "part time" because in reality the person working part time, actually works all week while their spouse is working. It's true.

        Anyway, we got away from that and we are very lucky to still work together, but he is now a Commercial GC and works on the construction side of things.

        My advice is to go into a negotiation as two different employees with two different employee contracts. If an owner is unwilling to do that, find another place to apply.
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          2 full timers for a 503 unit facility WOWZERS!!! Do you guys do trucks as well? Sounds like overkill to me but if you have it like that WAY TO GO!
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            Originally posted by Advantage IT View Post
            2 full timers for a 503 unit facility WOWZERS!!! Do you guys do trucks as well? Sounds like overkill to me but if you have it like that WAY TO GO!
            It is just me in the office and husband does the maintenance, yard work, fixing & repairing, cleaning, etc. There is ALWAYS something to do to keep him busy. I have a part time person who works on my days off or when I go marketing. Sometimes I have my work done, calls made, units rented and I find myself bored and looking through SST.

            No we do not do trucks.

            Think that is too much?
            The future depends on what you do in the present.


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              Single manager here with 600+ units. Work 5 days and off on Sunday and Monday. Part time maintenance man here 5 hours a day on Tuesday and Thursday. All get done. No truck rental and never will. Close facility does rent Penske and I get calls from prospective tenants that say they can't get an answer at that facility or get a call back.
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                My husband and I have always shared the salary. I've done the math and wished I hadn' It wasn't good. Now we are both working at the same place and we still share the salary, but we are both part time and it is working out for now. The only problem I have is that since we're part time they want us to do the marketing, bank deposits and all errands when we got off work and on our dime. This is going to have to change in order for us to stay here.

                We have 200 units and parking spots. We work 5 days a week and have 2 days off. We work 30 hours each. I do office and my husband does maintenance.
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                  I think that's awesome lam, if you can pull it off. The facility I base out of has 663 units, manager works 5 days a week and has an assistant 12 hours through out a week. Have a PT on Saturday as well. Manager responsible for all maintenance at facility. We pay really well over $55K a year but it's a big lift.
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