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An owner's auction action worthy for the Lawsuit Hall of Fame

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    Originally posted by Tall Terri View Post
    Re: An owner's auction action worthy for the Lawsuit Hall of Fame

    Good Luck Jeanette! At my present facility, I have had two units in a year go to auction. At former facility, I worked there for five years and had four auctions of four units.

    Feel free to PM me if you would like my "secret" - anyone. I don't mind sharing. and it WORKS!
    Can you email me at I don't know how to PM on here.


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        Originally posted by KellyW View Post
        Re: An owner's auction action worthy for the Lawsuit Hall of Fame

        In Ohio we have to have an auction there is nothing that states if the value of the contents is $XXX we can dispose by mean of choice. The auction just has to be deemed commercially reasonable as long as 3 independent bidders are present. If no bids are received on a unit as long as at least 3 bidders are present then we can dispose of the items any way we choose.
        Our law in michigan reads almost identical. "Auction shall be conducted in a commercially reasonable manner". In the note section is reads, "Michigan requires that the sale be held in a commercially reasonable manner which implies that there must be a group of active independant bidders present".

        My question is how many is considered a group? I think 3 but I'm not sure.


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          Minimum of 3 people
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