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    Originally posted by Steve_hajewski View Post
    If you bought something from a reputable company online or corresponded with them and joined a list, you generally should be safe using the unsubscribe. The ones where unsubscribe likely will not work are the ones where you have no idea how you got on the list in the first place.
    What I have seen in the past is someone will hack a Mailchimp account or something like that and send out newsletters from the company account with malicious intent or content. So it is not impossible to ever be 100% sure, but I tend to agree. Though, to be safe, if I no longer wish to receive emails I will just flag as spam, or contact customer service to be removed from the list.


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      Please understand that when you flag something as spam rather than unsubscribing, you could be hurting that business. If a business is flagged as spam enough times, they can be banned from using that mail service. Flagging as spam should be reserved for times when you are receiving mail from a place where you did not sign up for the list. If you find yourself on a list for a place where you shopped online or specifically joined a list, just hit unsubscribe.

      A properly run business should remove you from the marketing list, and services such as mailchimp or constant contact will further exclude you from that company's mailing anyway. Most of those mail services probably also have a mechanism to be removed from ALL mailings through their service as well.
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