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Office door buzzer entry system

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  • Office door buzzer entry system

    Does anyone have experience with using this type of entry system for a storage office? The crime rate in our area is steadily increasing and a nearby facility was recently robbed at gunpoint. I'm very concerned for the safety of our employees. We already have an alarm button under the desk but I think we need more.

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    When I worked in Baltimore, I had 2 entrance doors.
    One door was located on the sidewalk on the main drive.
    Buzzer entrance only.

    My other entrance door, was located in the parking lot as that if you drove in, this would be the door you entered through and it was also buzzer activated.

    Baltimore, where this location was, was also in a bad part of town.
    Did the buzzers make me feel more safe?
    Yes BUT at the same time IF a would be robber waited to buzzed in and THEN rob me....I would always hit the buzzer and let anyone that was standing there in to my office.

    I can imagine though, that a would be robber would just keep going, if he/she pulled on the door and found it locked.

    Get some quotes on an install and then make the best educated decision for you and your property.

    Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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