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    If you are looking for a credit card processor, beware of Open Edge.
    We recently switched from OpenEdge. They are absolutely horrible. On our last statement, they charged us $125 in fees for $233 in credit card payments! One fee was a $59 Network and Security & Compliance fee and another was a $39 minimum billing adjustment fee. It's insane. And when you try and call them to talk about it, they blame everything on you. Incredibly poor customer service. We have had many issues with them. Avoid yourself the hassle, and look elsewhere. We switched to Select Merchant Solutions and love them!

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    Bummer that happened to you. When you are looking for providers, or most importantly signing anything, you need to read all the fine print. While I don't agree with the fees, most processors have those fees built into their contract. The more your process, the less % your fees will be in some cases. Many times, you can get the fees waived when signing up so they gain you as a customer. Even Evalon (Costco) has those fees built into their contract, you just need to know how to get them waived. Good luck with your next company, but be sure to look closely at the contract.


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