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    Our owners want us to get into document storage to increase our occupancy, which is in the 50%+ range. So far, all I know is that they want to incorporate a scanner & label system. I'm not sure about transport.

    Our facility currently houses records from our local hospital but they do their own packaging, transport and storage of their records.

    Since I am a long-time programmer/database grunt, I know all about the problems integrating software programs and have been proactive by giving the boss my latest research. Our current software has an add-on, but I'd like to do all the research I can before presenting a final recommendation.

    Does anyone do this or have any ideas?

    Or, I'll just give up and collect carts in the local Home Depot!

    Life is a Beach!

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    When I saw your post I knew I had read about document storage previously here is the link:

    Hope this helps!

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      The number 1 source in my book regarding records storage is The File Man - Cary McGovern

      You will find an archive of past articles and two videos on this website that will show your boss the directions to consider.

      Learning Never Ends, But Will Time?


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        Document storage is an option. However, it is very sales and capital intensive(paying for the sales). It might be easier to focus on getting more basic record storage first, ie eliminate the tracking, scanners pickup and delivery etc.

        Why do you or your owners think the occupancy is so low? That's what I'd focus on first.



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