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Due to office closures during the 2017 winter holidays, SST membership registration may take longer to process. We'll approve new accounts as promptly as possible. We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience. Happy holidays!
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2017 International Digital Issue

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  • 2017 International Digital Issue

    Hello All,

    The 2017 International Digital Issue is now available for free download on the ISS website. Learn about self-storage development, marketing, operations and more around the globe. The articles are written by self-storage operators in Asia, Colombia, Australia, Scotland and even Finland! Check it out.
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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  • newstorageguy
    Reply to Hello Group
    lol... well, very inexperienced will be me. And if they are sleeping in the unit in January they will be frozen quickly in our area...... I know i will be relying on all of our expertise at that time. Bring on January 2. thanks,...
    Yesterday, 11:41 PM
  • pacnwstorage
    Reply to Hello Group
    Well then, come January, when the first excuse for non payment or you catch a sleeper in a unit or have to deal with figuring out if you should rent to a person or just overlook the joint behind their ear and the beer can in their hand, you will be "experienced" and have to learn how to swim...
    Yesterday, 11:22 PM
  • newstorageguy
    Reply to Hello Group
    Well I guess my plain name thanks to all for their messages. I am in WI. Looking forward to learning more from all of you. You are the experts and I am the virgin.......
    Yesterday, 11:13 PM