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    Default Body found in storage unit

    Very sad story about a quadrapalegic girl found dead in a storage unit. So glad we are nothing but boring here.

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    Poor baby... That's terrible. It would make me sick if something like that happened here... That a murder stood in my office, conversed with me, rented a unit... Of course it goes to show that you never know. Your doors are open for anyone to walk through.

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    I couldn't even comment on this thread after I read the link in Kim's post. The person was the child's biological Aunt?! How anyone can harm a helpless child...

    It is scary Met, when you realize who or what can walk through your doors.
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    I am not shocked by this and I don't guess the point is to shock - but this is so sad i just want to cry - two things came up for me - one is that she became quadriplegic at 3 weeks when she was suffocated (where were the authorities then?) and secondly, the little red clickable sentence with a link to the video that says "watch a family in shock" - like it might amuse and or inform us to see grief on display.

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