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    Default Wounded Warrior Outdoors

    Ron Raboud, CEO of the Rabco Corp., founded a new charity that provides hunting opportunities to military members who have been hurt in the course of duty.

    Read about Wounded Warrior Outdoors.
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    Here's my standing ovation for what they had done in the past and for now going the extra mile to make it even better! I'm not into the whole hunting thing, but I can appreciate getting outdoors and bonding with other people and I think it's fantastic. Way to go Rabco & friends!!!!
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    Today is Veterans Day. If you are looking to do something to honor veterans, you might consider donating to Wounded Warrior Outdoors, an organization that provides outlets for wounded veterans to do some of the fun outdoor activities they enjoyed before getting hurt in combat (hunting, fishing, hiking, etc.)

    The self-storage industry as a whole, including Inside Self-Storage, have been involved with helping to support this organization, as have several vendors in the industry.

    The official website is here if you would like to read more. If you'd like to jump straight to the donate page, click here.
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