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    Default Helping Local Non-Profits

    This year, ISS has posted news about dozens of self-storage facilities reaching out to their communities. It seems facility owners and managers are really stepping up and helping out wherever they can.

    Do you volunteer, offer a free unit or help any non-profit organizations or schools in your community? What do you do and how did you become involved?

    What advice would you give other operators interested in getting involved but unsure how to make it happen?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    Default Re: Helping Local Non-Profits

    We are donating a 10x10 to Kokua, a non profit organization for their first ever fund raiser. They help support local citizens with disabilities . We hope they have a wonderful turnout.

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    Default Re: Helping Local Non-Profits

    We offer free storage to our local Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber itself, not the members - they get a discount but do have to pay!). We also provide inexpensive gift baskets filled with patriotic-themed goodies (since we are American Storage) and a certificate for one month free storage to local schools & organizations that hold silent auctions and seek donations. We haven't approached anyone to ask if we can help - they usually come to us!

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    Default Re: Helping Local Non-Profits

    We rent space to the downtown merchants assoc/chamber at reduced rate, have donated space to boy scouts for collection of food/etc for different collections, donated boxes to food pantries at holiday times for their food distribution, I serve on the economic development commission, when tenants move out and abandon things in their unit we have a deal with a local non-profit to pick them up and they sell them for $ they put right back into the community, I don't know, we hear of a need and volunteer to help.....

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    Default Re: Helping Local Non-Profits

    Quote Originally Posted by acampbell View Post
    ...Do you volunteer, offer a free unit or help any non-profit organizations or schools in your community? What do you do and how did you become involved?
    Right now I have several offices in my building which I am not allowed to rent (long story). However, I have provided 2 of the offices for short term use by non-profits. One of the offices is holding auction donations for our public radio station. I have also been out soliciting donations for the auction. The other office is being used by the high school's Safe and Sober event.

    I am donating one unit to the transitional housing folks for storage of their holiday decorations.

    In addition, I have registered with our county non-profit foundation and am offering free or reduced rate storage for non-profits. My first of these will be for an animal rescue organization for storing things for their thrift shop. I have also received a few rentals from other-than-non-profits, just because these folks saw my posting on the foundation's website.

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    Default Re: Helping Local Non-Profits

    In the past and in the future I plan to assist a local government agency that helps people with lower incomes afford to get repairs on their homes. Sometimes, the homes are falling down around them. The repairs are made and bring the homes up to code. While the homes are being repaired through grant money, the home owners belongings must be placed somewhere. The organization rents a 10x20 unit and pays no admin fee and 1/2 price for the three months that the product is usually being stored. That way, the client's grant money goes farther. The client pays for the insurance coverage for their belongings and they can come at any time to get something they may need. Many have decided to stay (in a smaller unit) after their home is completed as they appreciate having a little extra space in their newly refurbished home.

    I smile when their homes are done and liveable again - I may not be able to help them rebuild the home, but I know this has now helped them to rebuild their lives!
    Tall Terri

    I can't afford to give my 2 cents worth, but I can give you some thoughts...

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    Default Re: Helping Local Non-Profits

    I have worked with the Red Cross in the past. We donated the first two months of storage to victims of house fires.

    Currently, we donate regularly to "Second Harvest Food Bank", Toys-4-Tots, Salvation Army, and currently MDA.

    We also donate units to local non-profits and Boy Scout Troups.

    I think it's really important to give back to the community!
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