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    Default Facility fire in San Jose

    Just saw on the 11pm news that Bay Area Self Storage in San Jose, CA is on fire.

    Video showed a large portion of the building on fire. I hope everybody is OK and the managers had an emergency plan in place. This is in Gina's neck of the woods, maybe she'll have more info....

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    Default Re: Facility fire in San Jose

    I just saw it on the news...OMG...manager's worst nightmare.
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    Default Re: Facility fire in San Jose

    Storman, you're right. I drive right past them 5 times per week going to visit my Mom & inlaws. I didn't watch the news last night, but we came home Sunday just before the fire broke out.

    We drove past about Noon on our way back home. It appears the building that fronts Monterey Road was hit by the fire, but the office/apt. is fine. Lots of water all over the place and fire trucks, including a big hook & ladder truck.

    I"m wondering if Kathleen & Frank were there or off enjoying a day off. Either way, what a crappy thing to have happen!

    I'm sure everyone has their hands full, but maybe I can give them a call later on or in the morning and see what we can do to help. I feel so sorry for them!

    UPDATE: Storage facility fire in South San Jose under investigation - San Jose Mercury News

    I did phone to offer anything personal or biz-wise To them but received a gracious thanks but we're ok from the woman who answered. I suspect she is not the relief.

    On NBC late last night, CBS at Noon today and ABC news this evening all covered the fire. 48 units were affected. Amazing, it started Sunday evening and the trucks were still there over 18 hours later. There were no interviews of site staff aired. A few customers interviewed on air and they were good interviews. No negative media slant & best of all, this incident appears to have been handled properly where the media was concerned.

    The cause of the blaze is still under investigation.
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    Default Facility fire in Orlando Florida

    This news article explains to our customers why we tell them we can't have certain things stored in the facility!! Including Them!

    Storage Facility Fire Raises Questions - Orlando News Story - WESH Orlando
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    Default Re: Facility fire in San Jose

    Did you see some of the comments left by people in the Mercury article?

    One guy blaming the managers and another a victim.

    What a nightmare, but one that can happen to any facility at anytime. Now with fireworks being shot off all over

    Time to make sure our Crisis Communication Procedure is up to date.

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