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    Default A personal tragedy and another problem for Storage Wars

    Just saw a report that Storage Wars character Mark Balelo was found dead on Monday in his running car in a garage of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning. He had been arrested and charged with suspicion of possession of methamphetamine two days ago. The article said that Balelo was distraught after his arrest.

    This is so sad for his family’s loss, but like the ongoing lawsuit between A & E and former storage bidder Dave Hester, it just shows that it maybe reality TV – but sometimes reality does happen.

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    Default Re: A personal tragedy and another problem for Storage Wars

    It is sad, and you have to wonder if the illegal substance played into his desperation. Yet another reason to behave as your Momma taught you. My sympathies to his family & friends. It's such a tragedy when there is so much life to be lived.
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    Default Re: A personal tragedy and another problem for Storage Wars

    How unexpected and sad. Blessings to his family and friends.
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    Default Re: A personal tragedy and another problem for Storage Wars

    I can't imagine what his family must be going through. Sad. Here's a link to our story on Balelo from earlier today if you're interested in some additional details.
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    Default Re: A personal tragedy and another problem for Storage Wars

    I feel for his family, but not for him. He made a very selfish decision.

    I lost a very very close friend the same exact way. Never knew why he did it, but the family still has his computer to this day, where the apparent suicide note was written, with the thought that some day they would have someone pull it out and see why he did it.
    It was a very tough time and the sad part is you always wonder, what if..........



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