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    Default Example Contracts and Lien Letters

    I figured more people would share there contract on this forum but I couldn't find any. I'm a very new small town self storage business. 40 units. I've been open for about 4 months and need to send out a lien notice letter( Its been 30 days by Indiana law) Could somebody shed some examples of their lien letters? I just want to make sure I don't forget anything..........Also I don't have anything on the contract like Lock Cutting Fees...Can I still charge for that or no?


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    Default Re: Example Contracts and Lien Letters

    It’s not that they won’t share, storage is as different from one place to another as cars are from make to another.

    I would be very cautious of using someone else’s lease, contract or letters. They are not boiler plate items. These are items that are specifically designed and prepared to conform to YOUR state statues/laws and how YOU do business and should have been in place before you started renting units.

    I would suggest contacting you state self storage association for a referral.
    Also, here’s some links that might help.

    What you spend in getting the proper documents in place will be much less than ever having to appear in court to defend a minor mistake. i.e. Would you want a auto mechanic doing angioplasty?

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    Default Re: Example Contracts and Lien Letters

    As far as charging for things like lock cutting, you should be able to just post a sign in you office with the prices.

    Our contract states our past due schedule and associated fees, but doesn't specify small things like lock cutting. It just says "Inventory and Sale Fees As Documented."

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    Default Re: Example Contracts and Lien Letters

    Whats your email address? Again mine apply to the WV code. Yours will be different.



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